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Prenatal Care

pregnant womanGroup Prenatal Care


Don’t feel alone during your pregnancy or be afraid to ask questions because you feel like you should know the answers. Join other women who are going through the same life journey of becoming a new, healthy mom and together discover health tips for you and your baby! Let’s get together and talk about:

  • Prenatal Nutrition and Dental Health – Nutrition and healthy eating is an important thread throughout pregnancy. In this session, you will learn about healthy eating, portion control and how to avoid gestational diabetes. Dental health can impact your pregnancy and the hygiene practices of your infants. Come learn about good brushing and flossing techniques and ways to take care of your baby’s teeth.
  • The Family Unit and Breastfeeding – This session focuses on family relationships, safety and emotional adjustments of mom after delivery. Breastfeeding basics and benefits will also be discussed by our Certified Lactation Consultant.
  • Labor and Delivery – In this session topics of comfort during labor, true vs. false labor, stages of labor, and signs of pre-term labor will be discussed.
  • Newborn Care and Infant Safety – This session focuses on what to expect with your baby after delivery, early newborn care and safety of your new baby.

Strong Start allows you to:

  • be better prepared for birth
  • learn more about your pregnancy over 4 group sessions
  • take the journey of pregnancy with new friends
  • be better prepared to care for yourself and your baby after birth

The goal of the program is to reduce the rate of preterm births and improve the health outcomes of pregnant women and their newborns. Strong Start will empower you to take charge of your pregnancy.


Individual Prenatal Care


Eagle’s nest provides: Home visits with support, encouragement.

Prenatal Education including Breast Feeding Education and Support. 

Post Delivery Care for Mom and Baby including free resources. 

Pediatric Development Assessments.


Call: (405)948-4900 ext. 465 for information or to schedule an appointment.