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Medical Services

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OKCIC) is a patient-centered medical home. A physician-directed team of healthcare professionals providing comprehensive, accessible, continuous and organized care to meet the needs of patients and families.

New patients are assigned a Medical Care Team specially designed to meet individual patient needs. Care Teams develop a relationship and communicate with patients, their families, caregivers and other OKCIC providers. In this way, Oklahoma City Indian Clinic is striving towards becoming a fully integrated health care facility.

BLUE Care Team (ext. 278)
Specializes in primary health care services from young adult to geriatrics, emphasizing the care of patients with diabetes, women’s health, low risk prenatal care and general preventive health care services.

SAGE Care Team (ext. 212)
Specializes in complicated medical problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, liver disease, cancer monitoring and follow-up and wound care.

GOLD Care Team (ext. 212)
Specializes in care for adults, including acute and chronic conditions, women’s health and minor surgical procedures, with an emphasis on preventative health.

Harmon-y Pediatric Team (ext. 633 or 429)
Harmon-y Pediatric team specializes in newborn babies, children and adolescents through age 17. Single parents and working families enjoy the benefits of flexible scheduling. Well child, physical examinations, immunizations, vision, fluoride treatments and hearing checks are all a part of every day procedures.

RED Care Team (ext. 261)
Specializes in care for adults, including acute and chronic conditions, minor surgical procedures and low risk prenatal care, with an emphasis on preventative health.

GRAY Care Team (ext. 308)
Specializes in diabetes and thyroid conditions along with primary health care services for patients, ages 18-21, transitioning from pediatric to adult care, with emphasis on preventive health, contraception, nutrition and exercise.

PINK Care Team (ext. 261)
Provides thorough women’s health assessments, annual well woman exams, preventative screenings, birth control services and low risk prenatal care for women 18 and older.

Medical Records Fax Number : (405) 948-4933

To schedule an appointment  or contact your care team call 405.948.4900 and the extensions above or press “1” and follow the prompts.